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The power of touch

Touch is a powerful thing. It can be kind. It can be scary. It can be healing. In any way, it’s likely a big impact, in our lives and on our emotional state.

NOTE : this post will focus on the positive and importance of touch. It’s in no way meant to be dismissive of any bad experience, that may have left scars (which can hopefully be overcome with patience / kindness). It’s to promote all the good it can bring, when done respectfully & consensually.

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The power of presence and vulnerability

When was the last time you felt truly understood? When was the last time you felt deeply connected? When was the last time 200% of your attention was simply with one person, here and now?


In many ways, our modern Western society is constructed that it diametrically opposes crucial elements of our own human nature. The values and expectations that are being forced on people, contradict innate needs we have as a human being. The ever increasing focus on self, from constant “competition” to always “independent”, is our downfall and in first place to us as an individual, o the irony. We need to do more and we must do it all alone. We break away ourselves to only the cognitive. We narrowly limit “success” to what is quantifiable and have that definition rule -and often ruin- the world, as well as our lives. What is health? What is mental and emotional health?

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