From back in 2014.  I was teaching myself a new knitting technique, called double sided knitting.  And i tried a patch making a heart, just because.  Basically, the picture is about 1 patch, “front” and “back”, colors always exactly inverse.

Heart (Knitted - Double sided)

Heart (Knitted, double sided) – Bordeau + purple

How to double sided knitting

There’s always two colours on your needles, but -except the border- you use only 1 colour per stitch.  Setting up -and finishing off- is done x stitches with the 2 colours at the same time.  Try to land the stitches in alternating colour.  The amount of stitches (with double thread) you set up will be the width of your piece, even though all following needles -except the very last- you’ll work TWICE the amount of stitches, half serve one side and half the other side.

Rows start and end with 1 stitch doing the 2 threads at once, to make a border, which closes the piece together.  On odd rows, borders are done with a reverse stitch.  Then alternate right and reverse stitches, e.g. bordeau right and purple reverse, until you reach the border stitch.  On even rows, borders are done with a right stitch.  Then alternate right and reverse stitches, e.g. purple right and bordeau reverse, until you reach the border stitch.  The colour of right stitches becomes this side’s front and the colour of reverse stitches will become the other side’s front.

How to pattern


Heart – Knitting pattern UP

To make patterns, you simply use the “wrong” colour.  So on odd rows i’d use purple to do right stitches and do reverse stitches with bordeau.  (Vice versa on the even rows.)

Where to get patterns ?  You’re usual sources : books, magazines, search engines, websites, etc.  Or make them yourselves.

Personally, i sketch them up in a spreadsheet.  🙂