Welcome to the blog of Mind Heart Soul.  As we’re just launching, our ideas and goals will be refined over time.  Still, we do have an idea on where we want to go with this blog…  And we hope that several writers will be part of it !!

In a nutshell, the following is our plan, for now.

Passion will be the common denominator among the content and the people you’ll find here.  The slogan of Mind Heart Soul is “we think, we feel, we care” and that’s another important element we hope to bring.  We believe that all three are important, as well for leading a full-filling life as for a better society.  We promote mingling mind, heart and soul.  We advocate balancing thinking, feeling and caring.  We’re driven by passion to work on that, in what and how we do.

With the blog of Mind Heart Soul we want to be a home for ideas and people that find it difficult to find a voice elsewhere.  We notice also in “alternative movements” an own main(stream) line, with an even fiercer taboo to nuance and deviance.  Respectfully, we want people to be able to experiment with concepts and constructs, with the intention of gaining a deeper understanding and sincere empathy for “the others”, to find new insights, away from the often rigid beaten path.

We’ll start the Mind Heart Soul blog in English, but we hope to add languages, as our returning writers pool expands.

“Not all who wander are lost.”