Working on a just world is something that many people, including myself, are passionate about.  There’s so many things that need change, often with a sense of urgency.  We see this translated into e.g. a climate (justice) movement.  Fiercely we try to make change happen, but in reality that takes a long time, a very long time.  And we becomes a mirror of the world we try to change : notably also drop out, lock out, burn out, etc.

So what about well-being ?  Shouldn’t we start prioritising that ?

There’s product, process and people.  It seems we’ve become almost uniquely focussed on product, we want results more than anything.  A sense of urgency and the reality of the current worlds functioning seem to only agreviate that.  But that goes at the expense of process and people.  While people is whom we fight for.

Prioritising well-being as essential part of a just world.

When i think of a just world, well-being of ourselves and our peers forms an essential part of it.  Physical, mental and emotional well-being for all are values i strive towards.  It’s crucial to ourselves and our happiness.  It’s not for nothing that some struggles are exactly about access to healthcare.  So it would make most sense if we’d prioritise well-being while working on that just world.  Practise what you preach and all.

Prioritising well-being as a Human Resource necessity

It’s probably kicking in an open door, today or tomorrow won’t be the end of our struggle towards a just world.  And movements are build on people power, mostly volunteers.  So we need to take care of ourselves, of our colleages and friends standing with us.  While often not said at all or only whispered, drop out and burn out -even the feeling of lock out- are not that uncommon.  As such we loose strength in numbers, but more importantly we loose great and well-meaning people, while we need all the people we can get.

Prioritising well-being as a path to better understanding.

People’s well-being influences -sometimes strongly- their view and interaction to the world, most importantly to others around them.  If our well-being is good, then our [kreukelzone] is lager.  Giving our undivided attention to another person, in listening to their words or being in silence, can be very powerfull.  Caring about one another’s well-being creates a relaxedness and connectedness, from which a better understanding of each other has a solid place to grow.  And a deep mutual understanding is the basis of a just world.

So lets prioritise well-being, together.