Validation is a 90 minutes workshop about well-being.


Introduction and video of “validation”, followed by a creative process to see and appreciate people as they are.

In order to face our daunting task to make the world better, not only “product” but also process and people matter.  Movements mostly run on volunteers, who are diverse.  Therefore it’s important to recognise and voice the positive in people and (their) work.


Getting to know people on a deeper level.  Words can sometimes lead to miscommunication, so in this workshop we try to gain understanding about one another beyond that.  We want to forge real connection.

Another important element is being present with one another.  With this workshop we try to get out of our “mind space”, as our daily lives often heavily rely on this cognitive capacities.  We want to take time for ourselves and each other, inviting the other parts of our being.

With this understanding and presence, we increase our well-being and group cohesion, which in turn is beneficial to our work.


SPOILER ALERT : do not read prior to experiencing the workshop

You can download the full description in PDF.


Some places where the workshop was held :

  • 2013, Warsaw (Poland) : Conference of Youth #9
  • 2014, Dartmoor (UK) : Sustainable Resistance
  • 2014, Wexford (Ireland) : Quality Peer Education for well-being
  • 2014, Padova (Italy) : Self-Directed Learning & Learning to learn
  • 2015, Brussels (Belgium) : Climate Express members weekend
  • 2015, Malmö (Sweden) : Power Shift Sweden
  • 2016, Zaporizhia (Ukraine) : Volunteer school weekend
  • 2016, Forssa (Finland) : Power Shift Finland
  • 2016, Knivsta (Sweden) : Power Shift Sweden

And you

We always enjoy giving this workshop, so we wholeheartedly invite you to contact us if you want “validation” for your group / organisation or event.  We’re also happy to develop with you a larger programme around these topics, should that interest you.

Alternatively, preferably after experiencing “validation” yourself, feel free to host the workshop yourself (and contact us for tips).  You might want to adapt it to your needs and context.  Please give credit where due.